Is the venue handicap accessible?

Minimally. The main stage is located on the second floor and is only accessible by stairs. Our main bar is downstairs and the front entrance is street level so anyone can access that bar. The back entrance to the beer garden is street level as well, but the only access between the main bar and the beer garden is by stairs.

Is there re-entry to the venue during the show?

Yes. You will get a wristband that indicates you paid for the show that will allow you to come and go as much as you'd like. Smoking areas are out front (NO drinks allowed) or in the back in the beer garden (drinks allowed).

Can I bring my kid with me to the show even if it isn't all ages?

Yes. Kids must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Please bring proper ear protection for your kids if you are going to bring them to a concert.

Do I need to be 21 to go to a show there? Will I have to leave at 10:00pm?

Unless it is specified as a 21+ show, you can come to the show and stay there until the show is over. If you are under 21 you will have to leave once the show ends. *Some shows are 18+ or 19+ so please check before purchasing tickets if you are underage*