Cloud Nothings

True Endeavors Presents

Cloud Nothings

Protomartyr, John June Year

Wed, April 30, 2014

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm (event ends at 2:00 am)

$12.00 - $15.00

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This event is 19 and over

Cloud Nothings
Cloud Nothings
Cloud Nothings was founded in a Cleveland basement, the one-man recording project of Dylan Baldi, an unassuming, then 18-year-old student of song with a breathtaking ear for melody. Prolific from the start, Baldi’s early work was rough but immediate: crudely recorded, spring-loaded spasms of Buzzcocks-informed pop that quickly found an online following among the lo-fi-inclined. When an opportunity presented itself to open a small show in Brooklyn, Baldi abandoned a still-in-progress final project to be there. The gamble paid off — he’s been touring ever since, using every available break to write and record more.

In 2010, Carpark unveiled Turning On, a retrospective introduction that combined early 7″ singles and the full-length debut (a limited release on cassette and vinyl) from which it took its name. The following year, Cloud Nothings made its proper Carpark debut with a thrilling self-titled LP that found Baldi in a studio for the first time, shedding the many layers of hiss and distortion that had once obscured (or enhanced) his every sugary hook. What followed was an unexpected breakthrough, 2012′s Attack on Memory, an album that very loudly (with the help of producer Steve Albini) announced the arrival of Cloud Nothings as the sound of more than just Baldi: Caustic and gargantuan, it marked the first time our young hero wrote with and for his longtime touring band, drummer Jayson Gerycz, bassist TJ Duke and since departed guitarist Joe Boyer. Touring intensified, rock critics slobbered, and the ceiling was raised considerably.

Enter yet another first: the highly-anticipated follow-up. Here and Nowhere Else is the sound of Baldi further realizing his potential not just as a collaborative bandleader but a singer as well. The sometimes frightening interplay that galvanized its predecessor is refined here, Baldi’s cyclonic guitar parts and Gerycz’s seismic drumwork more tightly clenched and nuanced than they’ve ever been before. It’s an album every bit as ferocious as what we’ve recently come to expect — only smarter.
John June Year
John June Year is an independent rock band based in the Midwest that combine the sounds of influences like the Velvet Underground, the Strokes, and the Arctic Monkeys to create something new and wholly their own.

“With a style reminiscent of The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Clinton-based Indie Rock band John June Year is first on our list. With a well put together sound and a growing fanbase, John June Year seems to have all the pieces in place to have a big year (no pun intended).” – BuzzFeed

Formed during the Summer of 2012, the band has quickly progressed into a talented group of young musicians that place songwriting at the core of their focus. Their songs have a very timeless, no frills, rock and roll sound that is captivating and memorable to music lovers while remaining immediately accessible to the casual listener.

“Unforgettable melodies, thick synth and guitar textures, and an emphasis on honest, spacious songwriting that can only be found in the Midwest.” – Andrew Thoreen (Slimbeast Productions)

With "Pop Sucker EP" John June Year tried their damnedest to craft a no-frills rock and roll statement. What they ended up with instead was 3 unmistakeable pop songs dressed up in leather jackets. In the span of just three tracks, the band hops from a euphoric summer anthem "Hollywood", to a listless and slowly unfurling daze of a track with "Wish to Sell" to the smoldering, propulsive, and repetitive deep-groove with not-so-subtle synth hooks in "Best Dressed Mess". Equally indebted to the Cars and the garage rock revival of the early 2000's John June Year puts a fresh tilt on pop jams, rock and roll, and contemporary indie music.
“The band has worked to develop their stage presence by playing shows throughout the state with acts like the Envy Corps, Bright Giant and Iowa City’s own Olympics.” – Little Village Magazine

“John June Year's Facebook page puts it simply: 'We're from Clinton, Iowa. We aren't farmers. No one in the band is named John.' While of that is most definitely true, it's a play on the band's upfront modesty. More abstractly, they're a band that's completely rocking the Iowa music scene (and getting noticed by Buzzfeed).” – Band Bombshell

"After you see them live your legs will be sore, your voice will be hoarse, and your ears will be ringing, but this band resonates well past the welcome sting of their performances.” – Bruce Bales (DEFT Visuals)

“Anyone who has heard John June Year play over the past year has had the good fortune to hear a good band get even better.” – John Molseed (WCF Courier)
Venue Information:
330 E. Washington St.
Iowa City, IA, 52240