Witching Hour Presents: Shredders & Carrier Waves

Witching Hour Presents: Shredders & Carrier Waves

Ages 19+
Witching Hour Presents: Shredders & Carrier Waves at Gabe's

$10 Student / $15 GA


Shredders is rap group featuring rappers POS and Sims and beat-makers Paper Tiger and Lazerbeak from Minneapolis collective Doomtree.

Carrier Waves:

Carrier Waves is a collaboration between producer Limit Infrared and choreographer/visual designer Angelia Mahaney combining live electronics, dance, and live video projection to explore our understanding of physical bodies in digital mediums. Angelia’s direction of the choreography and live projection shifts the audience’s focus from the macro to the micro, asking the audience to explore what cannot be seen by the naked eye in juxtaposition with private moments that are never recorded. Limit Infrared’s music and sonics push the listeners’ focus back to the somatic experience of the performance, combining dense rhythms with vapor trail atmospheres. Both artists aim to re-contextualize their work within the performance space, with Angelia moving dance out of the concert hall and into typically music-focused venues and Limit Infrared producing body music outside the framework of current club genres. This is their third collaboration together, having previously worked together on Motley Cow’s Sci-Fi CoLab Dinner of Mission Creek 2017, and Witness, performed at Yacht Club Iowa City in August 2017.

Venue Information:
330 E Washington
Iowa City, IA, 52240