Triptides and Flaural



Ages 19+
Triptides and Flaural at Gabe's


Triptides is a psychedelic rock group led by multi-instrumentalist Glenn Brigman. It began as a series of home recorded tape machine experiments. As the music has grown and transformed, so has the project. As a musician and a producer, Brigman has always surrounded himself with other like minded musicians who have allowed him to perform his recording studio creations for audiences across the USA and Europe. From festival appearances at Desert Daze and Barcelona Psych fest to late night appearances on Last Call with Carson Daly and a West Coast tour with UK’s Temples, the group has continued a strong pace and shows no signs of slowing down. The group released their latest record “Visitors” this summer to critical acclaim with AllMusic calling it “their best sounding record to date” and LA Record describes it as “an expansive expedition into the under current of the late sixties.”

Triptides has always meant something different to everyone; to the surfer it’s music to hit the beach to; to the 60’s music enthusiast it’s an attempt to create something groovy and psychedelic in the modern era without attempting to re-tread the same path; to some people it’s just a sound that makes them feel something. Whatever your style is, Triptides will definitely make you FEEL. Isn’t that what it’s all about?


Denver- based Quartet Flaural is a contemporary blend of new wave, shoegaze, and psych pop. The band consists of Singer and bassist Collin Johnson, Guitarist Noah Pfaff, Drummer Nick Berlin, and Multi-instrumentalist Connor Birch. Formed in the early 2015, Flaural employs traditional rock instruments with a modern fare of abstract synth and guitar textures, driving 'kraut-y' drum grooves, and introspective lyrics and vocals.

"Flooding the day with an extra sense of intrigue, distortion and sunshine, the new [Over Imaginary Cigarettes] EP from Denver’s Flaural is a brilliantly agile re-imagining of the psych-pop trope, presenting a skewed take on the norm thanks to an inclination, perhaps even a desire, to delve in to lesser-known places." - Gold Flake Paint

"Combining out-of-the-box psychedelic elements, drenched in reverb and glistening guitars, Flaural is buoyant and introspective. Flaural make great use of their predecessors techniques to develop a contemporary sound that is hypnotic and soothing." - Indie Rock Reviews, LA

Venue Information:
330 E Washington
Iowa City, IA, 52240