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Bloated Kat IV

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Bloated Kat IV at Gabe's

We will be the first to admit the past three years did not go well. Last year at Bloated Saturday 3, we nearly had a Great White-level event when Zuul’s pyro got out of control, The Punclines cleared the room with their new song about Anne Frank, and the pot brownies that guy was selling in the beer garden were fake. And full of laxatives. At Bloated Saturday 2 someone lost a foot to diabetes and all the Minneapolis bands left bedbugs at Joe’s house. And please nobody bring up the fact that a dog died when Joker Gas played the first year ever again.

It’s just been disaster after disaster with this fucking thing.

But not this year. This year, we got this.

Bloated Kat Records is adequately pleased to present


Attic Salt (Springfield, IL)

Beautiful, poppy, catchy, irresistible. Surprised this band hasn’t blown up, but maybe this appearance will launch them to stardom.

City Mouth (Evergreen Park, IL)

This six-piece brings expansive upbeat sounds while posing the questions A) how are you good enough friends with 5 other people to make this happen and B) do I have to get extra microphones?

Dr. Princess (Minneapolis, MN)

Pop punk prom queen makes pizza, emotional soundcloud raps.

Eric In Outerspace (Omaha, NE)

After a decade, together this Omaha outfit is really hitting their stride. Last years Later Days was a banger of an indie rock record and I'm excited to see these dudes. Now featuring The Homie Mick Ridgway on the skins.

The Fantastic Plastics (Peoria, IL)

Out of this world rockers possibly from space possibly here to save of us from something. A crowd favorite last year.

Gleaner (Des Moines, IA)

Equal parts heavy and intricate, this Des Moines trio is guaranteed to turn some heads while scratching theirs trying to figure out why they are playing between a bunch of pop punk bands!

Horror Section (St Louis, MO)

This band has been quickly been making their way to the top tier of modern pop punk. I hate playing this game but I’m gonna say The Lillingtons meets The Creeps sonically with horror movie themed lyrics. It good!

Hospital Job (Springfield, IL)

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Luke McNeil is the Tom Scholz of pop punk. Look it up.

If Only, If Only (Grand Rapids, MI)

Young emotive music made by presumably young emotive people from the land of Pure Michigan.

Like Bats (Lansing, IL)

Remember at the first Bloated Saturday when Like Bats played their last show ever? Well, that was just phase one of a marketing ploy. They’ve been letting the interest slowly boil over these past 3 years and are ready to begin phase two: the lucrative reunion circuit.

All laffs aside, this is really cool. One of my all-time favorite bands I ever put out a record for. And that’s saying a lot.

Rational Anthem (Iowa City, FL)

The only band gullible enough to play this fest 4 years in a row! Their new album is gonna be lit AF. It might just be out for the fest?

Secret International Headliner (Somewhere over the sea)

This is actually very real. A super legendary and important overseas pop punk band is celebrating their 25th anniversary with their first ever show in the USA at Bloated Saturday this year. We have to keep the band name off the socialwebs, but it’ll be sort of obvious. Just ask me if yr dying to know. Just please don’t post about it.

Slow Retreat (Iowa City, IA)

Newish Iowa City band featuring members of Muddy Rails. Too new for a bandcamp, so you know it’s credible.

Starter Jackets (Springfield, IL)

I should have just said Springfield is coming back this year! Members of the other two Springfield bands! Also a good band!

Teenage Bigfoot (Philadelphia, PA)

These adorable cuties who shred harder than anyone are driving to Gabes from Philly for the third time in two years because they love us and we love them!

TV Cop (Ottumwa, IA)

There’s a good pop punk band from Ottumwa. That’s almost as weird as the fact that the main female vocalist from The Return of The Rentals lives there and is a Trump supporter.

In addition to all the rock, I heard we will be starting the day with an actual yoga class with our close friend and actual yoga teacher, Molly E!

So save the date, make some travel plans. We might do a small thing Friday night. We might have to go to the airport to pick up some friends from Japan instead… Stay tuned!!

Venue Information:
330 E Washington
Iowa City, IA, 52240